SharePoint 2016 was a significant release of Microsoft SharePoint, and while it introduced many new features and improvements, it also involved the removal or discontinuation of certain features that were present in earlier versions of SharePoint. 

Features removed or deprecated:

SharePoint Foundation

There will be no free version of SharePoint 2016, however the 2013 version will still be available.

Installation on a single server (Standalone installation)

Until the 2013 release of SharePoint it was possible to run the installation on a single server, used by some to serve as a test environment. In the new version of 2016 is no longer possible.

ForeFront Identity Manager client (FIM)

Earlier versions of SharePoint use the ForeFront Identity Manager (FIM) client for synchronization between Active Directory and SharePoint. In SharePoint Server 2016 the FIM has been removed and it now becomes necessary to use Active Directory Import.

Excel Services

Excel services will no longer be supported on SharePoint 2016. Services will become an integral part of Excel Online on the Office Online Server (the next version of Office Web Apps Server), and users will have to use the features from that service.

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SharePoint 2016

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