Torpedo 5% best SMEs in Portugal

Scoring recognized Torpedo as a benchmark company in the ‘Top 5% Best SMEs in Portugal’ for 2023.

Based on the annual accounts (IES) and the analysis of key economic and financial management ratios, Torpedo met the certification access requirements and achieved an “Excellent” Financial Performance and Solidity Index, a distinction accessible to only 5% of national SMEs.

This recognition enhances the reputation and instills confidence among both clients and employees.

What does it mean to be part of the Top 5% of the best SMEs in Portugal?

Economic and financial assessments determine certification eligibility for companies in the top 5% in performance and financial robustness. Scoring conducts this classification, validated by management professors, audited by Bureau Veritas, and recorded in ASSOFT. Evaluation is based on ratios optimizing sales, resources, and ensuring financial stability.

Applicable to anonymous societies or quota companies with turnovers between €100K and €50M and fewer than 250 employees, meeting SME criteria. Companies that meet size and transparency requirements, demonstrating high economic and financial profiles, earn Top 5% Best in Portugal recognition—highlighting excellence and strength compared to peers.


Top 5% Best SMEs in Portugal

The reasons for success

Our success is rooted in the close relationships we foster with our clients, ensuring a deep understanding of their needs. Committed to excellence, we strive for continuous improvement, pushing boundaries to deliver products that exceed expectations.

Proximity enables us to respond swiftly to client feedback, tailoring solutions to their evolving requirements.

Our unwavering dedication to exceptional quality and a client-centric approach fuels our success, forging lasting partnerships built on trust.

Committed to excellence and unwavering customer satisfaction, we shine as a beacon of success in the marketplace.

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