Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016 provides new features, making it easier to collaborate and find the information you need. With this latest release it is now easier to implement, manage, upgrade and protect.

It’s important to consider what added value you can bring with this new release, and why you should upgrade it.

Reason # 1 – Zero-Downtime Pacthing

With SharePoint Server 2016, the amount of MSP files has been significantly reduced. This will ensure that the time to fix the servers will be much shorter. However, you will need to ensure that you have a farm with more than one server (high availability) to ensure the zero-downtime patch, this is because you still need to restart some services.

Reason # 2 – More stable and faster

SharePoint 2016 is much more stable and faster. Microsoft has gained a lot of experience with SharePoint Online and has brought all this knowledge and innovation to SharePoint 2016. Performance and optimization are built into the product using MinRoles.

Reason # 3 – Data-Loss Prevention

Data Loss Prevention is now an integral part of SharePoint. You can now identify, monitor, and secure sensitive data through SharePoint on-prem, SharePoint Online, and OneDrive for Business SharePoint 2016.

Reason # 4 – Improved User Experience

Much of the inspiration behind SharePoint 2016 came from the power and popularity of the cloud (SharePoint Online). The user interface has been greatly improved in many ways to stay in line with the SharePoint Online experience. This will make the transition between SharePoint on-prem, SharePoint Online, and Office 365 more consistent. Best of all, these improvements can be experienced equally on screens of all sizes, including mobile devices!

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