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Newsletter Aggregator for SharePoint

Simplify newsletter creation: intuitive customization, real-time previews and automated sending.

Empower your SharePoint newsletter creation with Torpedo Newsletter Aggregator Web Part for SharePoint. Effortlessly craft personalized newsletters with intuitive customization options and real-time previews. Seamlessly select recipients and send engaging newsletters tailored to your audience’s needs, all within the SharePoint environment.

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High-quality solution

  • Intuitive Configuration Menu for easy customization.
  • Real-Time Preview ensures alignment with expectations before sending.
  • Switch Between Two Layout Types for flexibility in design.
  • Section Customization for tailored communication needs.
  • Recipient Selection Options for targeted messaging.
  • SharePoint Compatibility for seamless integration.
  • Automated Sending Capabilities for efficient distribution.

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Key Benefits

Intuitive Configuration Menu
With a streamlined configuration menu, users can easily customize the newsletter’s content and design according to their preferences and specific requirements.

Real-Time Preview
Users can instantly preview changes made to the newsletter, ensuring the final appearance aligns with their expectations before sending.

Switch Between Two Layout Types
The Web Part offers the flexibility to choose between two layout types, allowing users to select the style that best suits the content and purpose of the newsletter.

Section Customization
Users can configure various sections of the newsletter, including headers, body text, images, call-to-action buttons, and more, ensuring the newsletter meets specific communication needs.

Recipient Selection Options
Upon completing the newsletter creation, users have the option to select specific recipients to whom they want to send the newsletter, ensuring the message is targeted to the right recipients.

SharePoint Compatibility
The Web Part seamlessly integrates with the SharePoint environment, allowing users easy access to SharePoint content and additional resources while creating newsletters.

Automated Sending Capabilities
The Web Part allows users to send the newsletter to selected recipients with just a few clicks, ensuring the message is delivered efficiently and in a timely manner.

Torpedo Newsletter Aggregator Web Part for SharePoint is the perfect solution for users looking for a convenient and effective way to create and distribute personalized newsletters in their SharePoint environments. With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, this Web Part streamlines the entire process, from creation to sending, ensuring an engaging and appealing newsletter experience for the selected target audience.


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