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Contacts Directory SPList Web Part for SharePoint

Enhance workplace collaboration: streamline access, foster interactions, and cultivate connectivity

Unlock seamless organizational collaboration with Contacts Directory: a web part for SharePoint. Access employee information effortlessly, foster quick interactions, and streamline connectivity. With comprehensive employee listings, interactive actions, dynamic filtering, and versatile viewing modes, elevate your workplace engagement with ease.

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Streamlined solution

  • Provides holistic overview of collaborators.
  • Facilitates quick interactions with colleagues.
  • Refines searches by company, department, location.
  • Offers list view or visually engaging card view.
  • Streamline access to employee information.
  • Encourage quick interactions among colleagues.
  • Cultivate a more connected workplace.
  • Tailor operational mode for seamless experience.

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Key Features

Comprehensive Employee Listing
Present a holistic overview of all collaborators within your organization.

Interactive Actions Column
Foster quick and efficient interactions with colleagues through a dedicated actions column.

Dynamic Filtering
Refine searches by company, department, and location for pinpoint accuracy.

Versatile Viewing Modes
Tailor your experience with a choice between the organized list view or the visually engaging card view.

Transform your organizational collaboration with Contacts Directory: a web part for SharePoint. Streamline access to employee information, encourage quick interactions, and cultivate a more connected and engaged workplace. Select the operational mode that aligns with your organizational structure, delivering a seamless and tailored experience for your users.


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