Non-profit Initiative

One of Torpedo’s objectives is to foster the growth of digital skills and technological advancement among the youth in our nation, with a strong emphasis on proximity to schools. This aim is accomplished through conducting interactive workshops within educational institutions and offering internship opportunities to students.

We joined the Ser Pro program to try to be closer to schools and help students, providing them the necessary skills. Ser Pro program in Portugal aims to promote digital skills and technology development among young people in the country. The program focuses on creating partnerships between entities from the world of work, municipalities, and polytechnics to improve technical training for students in professional courses. The goal is to provide students with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in the digital age.

Ultimately, Ser Pro program is about providing young people with an approach to the world of work while maintaining the possibility of choosing to continue their educational path. By promoting digital skills and technology development among young people in Portugal, the program is helping to build a strong foundation for the future of our country’s economy.

Rock Paper Scissors

During our workshop, Torpedo showed the students how to build a simple “Rock Paper Scissors” game using Microsft Power Apps and Low-code No-code concept. The students were able to see how easy it was to create an app using these tools and how quickly they could build a fully functional application.

The “Rock Paper Scissors” game is a classic game that everyone knows how to play. The application built by Torpedo was a digital version of this game that could be played on a mobile device or computer. The game was built using a simple drag-and-drop interface that allowed the students to design the user interface and define the game rules without writing any code.

Below are some screenshots of the “Rock Paper Scissors” game built using Power Apps and Low-code No-code:

The benefits of using Power Apps and Low-code No-code are many. These tools enable organizations to create custom solutions quickly and easily, without needing to invest in expensive software development teams. Additionally, they help to democratize software development, allowing non-technical users to create applications that meet their specific needs.

The demonstration of the “Rock Paper Scissors” game by Torpedo was a valuable learning opportunity for the students. By providing them with hands-on experience using cutting-edge technologies, the program is helping to ensure that the next generation of Portuguese programmers is well-equipped to compete in the global tech industry.

In conclusion, the Ser Pro program in Portugal is playing a vital role in promoting digital skills and technology development among young people in the country. By creating partnerships, providing quality technical training, and integrating students into the work environment, the program is helping to build a strong foundation for the future of Portugal’s economy.

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