SharePoint add-ins are coming to an end

Microsoft has recently announced that it will be retiring the SharePoint Add-In extensibility model and the public marketplace for SharePoint Add-Ins by April 2nd, 2026. This means that SharePoint Add-Ins will stop working for new and existing tenants in Microsoft 365, including Government Clouds and Department of Defense. This also applies to Project Online, which is an extension of SharePoint Online.

SharePoint Add-Ins are custom solutions that extend the functionality of SharePoint, either by running inside SharePoint (SharePoint hosted Add-Ins) or outside of SharePoint (provider hosted Add-Ins). Microsoft recommends migrating SharePoint Add-Ins to SharePoint Framework based solutions or alternative software as a service platforms, such as Microsoft Azure, that can integrate with SharePoint using Microsoft Entra ID for authentication.

By transitioning from Add-Ins to web parts, you’ll unlock the full potential of SharePoint. Explore our web parts, enhance collaboration, and create valuable digital experiences for your organization. 

Why Web Parts?

Web parts are the building blocks of modern SharePoint pages. They offer several advantages over Add-Ins:

  1. Seamless Integration: Web parts seamlessly integrate with SharePoint pages, providing a consistent user experience.
  2. Responsive Design: Web parts adapt to various screen sizes, ensuring a great experience on desktops, tablets, and smartphones.
  3. Security and Scalability: Web parts leverage modern authentication and security mechanisms, making them more robust.
  4. Customization: Web parts allow you to tailor your SharePoint pages to meet specific business needs.
See below some examples of web parts you can find in our store.
Striking Banners for Instant Impact!


Torpedo’s Banner web part allows you to make a bold statement with visually striking banners. Elevate your SharePoint Online sites by featuring essential announcements, promotions, or key information prominently. With customizable designs and eye-catching visuals, this web part ensures that your messages capture attention instantly.

Torpedo Banner WP for SPO 2

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