Have you thought about the time you waste when printing, archiving or sending the invoice you receive by email to your ERP? If you already have Microsoft 365 then you can now use its resources to automate the receipt of invoices.

The AI Builder Invoice Processing Starter Kit is a package that provides a reference implementation to help automate the processing of invoices and the initialization of your implementation.



As soon as an email is received, the attachment is retrieved by Power Automate, the corresponding provider is determined and the associated AI Builder model is called. Then, all the extracted information is stored in an entity.


In AI Builder, forms processing templates are created to extract data from each type of invoice and take advantage of the new supervised form processing feature.

In Power Apps, you can configure the return address for each provider and the specified AI Builder form processing template to extract the information. Then, you can map the invoice fields to the fields provided by Microsoft.

In addition to being able to monitor the process, users can review the extracted fields, make edits and validate the invoice before the data is sent to the destination system.

This solution is provided at no additional cost when you have an AI Builder, Power Apps and Power Automate license. Taking advantage of the Power Platform products, it can be fully customized to suit your business.

ai builder invoice processing
ai builder invoice processing

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