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Transitioning between SharePoint Online sites for collaboration and content management has historically posed challenges. However, with the advent of the Torpedo Copy Page Site Extension for SharePoint Online, these hurdles are mitigated. This powerful SharePoint Framework (SPFx) extension simplifies the task of copying or moving site pages across different site collections or webs. Throughout this guide, we’ll demonstrate how to utilize the Torpedo extension’s intuitive interface effectively.

Copy Page to Site EXT for SPO

The SPFx extension titled “Copy Page to Site” revolutionizes content management within SharePoint environments by empowering users to seamlessly transfer or duplicate pages across sites within the same tenant while preserving comprehensive version history. This innovative solution streamlines the content distribution process, eliminating tedious manual procedures and minimizing the risk of data loss or inconsistency.

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Step-by-Step Guide

  • Installing the Torpedo Copy Page Site Extension – The first step involves deploying the Torpedo SPFx package to the App Catalog and subsequently activating it within the desired site collection, enabling the copy/move functionality effortlessly.
  • Activating the Extension – Navigate to the Site Contents page of your SharePoint Online site to activate the Torpedo Copy Page Site Extension seamlessly.
  • Select Site Pages – To begin, navigate to the site page you wish to copy. Upon selecting one or more pages, you’ll notice the dynamic appearance of the ‘Copy/Move to Site’ button.
  • Access the Modal – Simply click on the ‘Copy/Move to Site’ button to initiate the Torpedo modal. Within this interface, you’ll be able to designate the destination site and optionally enable version history by toggling a checkbox.
  • Specify Destination – Next, specify the destination site collection or web where you intend to copy or move the selected pages. It’s crucial to ensure that you possess the requisite permissions for the target location.
  • Choose Version History – Within the modal, you’ll have the opportunity to determine whether to retain version history by selecting the provided checkbox. This allows you to control the extent of historical information you wish to transfer.
  • Copy, Move, or Cancel – In the Torpedo modal, you’ll encounter three action buttons: ‘Copy,’ ‘Move,’ and ‘Cancel.’ Select the appropriate action to either copy or move the chosen site pages, or cancel the operation if necessary.


In conclusion, Torpedo Copy Page Site Extension significantly simplifies the process of transferring site pages within SharePoint Online. Through the steps outlined in this guide, users can capitalize on the extension’s user-friendly modal interface to effortlessly select, configure, and transfer site pages. This streamlined approach enhances collaboration and content management across SharePoint sites, ultimately facilitating more efficient workflows and productivity.

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