SharePoint Server 2016 in Microsoft Azure is designed to leverage faster provisioning of servers allowing you to take your first step in hosting a server-based IT workload in the cloud. To dramatically reduce the time it takes you to plan, design, test and deploy SharePoint farms in Azure, we have published articles for SharePoint Server 2016 in Microsoft Azure, including:

SharePoint server 2016
On premises network – SharePoint server 2016


  • In addition, the SharePoint Server 2016 High Availability Farm in Azure Deployment Kit assists you in creating the Azure infrastructure and configuring the servers of the high-availability SharePoint Server 2016 farm. This kit contains Microsoft Visio and Microsoft PowerPoint figures from the support articles, the set of all the PowerShell commands to create and configure the high-availability SharePoint Server 2016 farm in Azure, and a Microsoft Excel configuration workbook that generates the customized PowerShell commands based on your settings.Source: Microsoft

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